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The process of registration are two steps:

step1: fill in the registration form and send to our email:wcsp2016@outlook.com

step2: transfer

Overseas Payment(USD only):
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Domestic Payment:

  • 收款单位:南京宁校联结文化传播中心
  • 开户行:南京银行玄武支行
  • 账号:01270120210002763

Registration TypeEarly Registration (by Sept.15, 2016)Late Registration (after Sept.15, 2016)
RG1-Full registration (IEEE member)65043007004600
RG2-Full registration (Non IEEE member)70046007304800
RG3-Student attendee40026004503000
RG4-Non student attendee45030004503000
RG5-Additional proceedings8050080500
RG6-Additional page6040060400
RG7-Additional banquet6040060400

  1. Each paper should at least register for one full registration (RG1 or RG2).
  2. All the bank transference commission should be paid separately, not deducted from payment, and the arrival amount should be the same to the registration fee mentioned above.
  3. EDAS paper number should be added in remark when you transfer money.
  4. For same author, one registration can cover two papers.
  5. Please send the registration form to:wcsp2016@outlook.com
  6. If you have any question, please contact us:
    • Email: wcsp2016@outlook.com
    • Tel:(+86) 18951893382
  1. 每篇文章至少需要一个全额注册(RG1或RG2)。
  2. 上表所列注册费金额为到账金额,因转账所造成的手续费请自理。
  3. 请在转账的备注中注明edas系统中的稿号以方便我们核对转账信息。
  4. 对于同一作者,一次注册最多覆盖两篇论文。
  5. 注册表请发至:wcsp2016@outlook.com
  6. 如果你有任何问题,请联系我们:
    • Email: wcsp2016@outlook.com
    • Tel:(+86) 18951893382
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