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WCSP2016: Yangzhou

Yangzhou Introduction

Yangzhou located in the central of Jiangsu province is a Chinese historical and cultural city. Adjacent to the lower reaches of the north shore of the Yangtze River, Yangzhou is at the south end of Huaihe plain and has nearly 2,500 years of history so far.

The famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through its territory. Within its beautiful scenery and gathering of talents, Yangzhou is one of the first batch of 24 historical and cultural cities released by Chinese government and has squeezed into the ranks of the world's top ten cities several times over the years.

  • The first group of the Outstanding Tourist Cities of China
  • National Environmental Protection Model City
  • National Sanitation City
  • National Garden City
  • National Ecological Demonstration City
  • United Nations Habitat Award City
  • The City of Charm
  • The City of Romance

Since the opening of the Grand Canal in the Sui Dynasty, Yangzhou has become an important center for political, economic and cultural activities in southeastern China as well as a major port for international exchanges and foreign trade.

Once in the Tang Dynasty, the richest in the world gathered here as a poem writes 'No less than hundreds of thousands of wealthy merchants and rich dwellers gather here'.

The thriving scene of "Guangling prosperous times now past" reemerged in the Qing Dynasty. Celebrities and emperors at all times and in all over the world were lavish in their praise of Yangzhou.

  • ¡®Famous City in the Left of Huai¡¯
  • ¡®Richest among the world¡¯
  • ¡®The Spiritual Mountain at South of Yangtze River¡¯
  • ¡®Twenty-four bridges in the night with a full and clear moon, the beauty is nowhere to be found¡¯

Yangzhou was highly appraised in books such as The Travels of Marco Polo written by Marco Polo from Italy in the Yuan Dynasty, Travel Journals at Ming Dynasty written by Yance Zhouliang from Japan in the Ming Dynasty, 'Chinese heart' written by Wei Rhenish from Germany in the modern times, 'Chinese history of science and civilization' written by Joseph Lee from Britain at contemporary.

Venue: Yangzhou Crowne Plaza Hotel

An international brand hotel designed by the world famous company -- the United States SMITH company with a total investment of 600 million yuan.

  • Site: Pudong Airport: 260 km,3.5 hours
  • Site: Lukou Airport: 140 km,2 hours

Traffic in the city:

  • Site: train station: 14 km
  • Site: Yangtai Airport: 41 km
East of Jinghang Road, south along The Heart of Jinghang, west to the permanent Expo Conference Center and north to the Wenchang Bridge. 

Yangzhou highly focuses on building the Heart of Jing Hang region and the hotel is one of the most important building in this region. Covering an area of 23888 square meters, the hotel features full-time restaurant, specialty restaurant, banquet hall which can accommodate 600 people, conference room, gymnasium, indoor heated swimming pool, etc. The hotel incorporates the traditional culture of Yangzhou with modern way of interpretation to demonstrate the strong geographical and cultural characteristics of Yangzhou. The appearance of the conference center is a continuation of the architectural style in Tang Dynasty, both dignified and grandeur. The Chinese architectural style and the modern streamline of the building well complement each other. 

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