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Visa Information
For a non-Chinese citizen, a visa is required to enter China. You can apply for a visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate of the region where you live. Hong Kong and Taiwan residents need to acquire entry passes.
A visa issued will generally be valid for three months with a 30-day period of stay. To avoid uncertainty and to allow sufficient time for the processing of your visa application, it is highly recommended that you apply for a visa not less than one month before your intended entering date. Please visit the website of the Chinese Embassy in your country for official instructions.
An official invitation letter is generally required for your visa application. You can generate an official invitation letter automatically in EDAS using the following steps:
1) Log into EDAS;
2) Go to your paper;
3) Click on the icon on the right hand of "Visa letter";
4) Fill in your address;
5) Click on "Request visa letter".
If you need an original copy of the letter or have any special request, please send an email to chzhang@seu.edu.cn.
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