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Information Theory and Coding Symposium

Information theory studies the transmission, processing, utilization, and extraction of information. Important sub-fields of information theory include coding theory, algorithmic complexity theory, algorithmic information theory, information-theoretic security, and measures of information. Coding theory is the study of the properties of codes and their fitness for a specific application. Codes are used for data compression, error-correction, cryptography, and more recently also for network coding.

The Symposium on Coding and Information Theory is dedicated to the study of information theory fundamentals and their relations to communications, signal processing, cryptography, computer science, and related disciplines. We seek original, unpublished contributions in all areas of coding and information theory, including but not limited to the topics listed below. In addition, papers that broaden the reach of information theory, including emerging fields and novel applications of information theory, are encouraged.

Big Data Analytics and information theory
Coding Theory
Communication Theory
Compressed Sensing
Cryptography and Security
Detection and Estimation
Emerging Applications of Information Theory
Information forensics and security
Information-theoretic fundamentals in wireless communications
Interference management
Source Coding and Data Compression
Network Coding
Network Information Theory
Wireless information-theoretic security
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