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Wireless Communication Systems and Networking Symposium

This symposium is to serve as an international forum for experts from academia, industry, and government to exchange ideas and new results on research and development, as well as to promote and accelerate standardization, applications, and services of current and future wireless networks. This symposium invites participation from both academic and industry researchers working in the area of wireless networking technologies, services, architectures, and protocols. The overall goal is to present the latest snapshot of the ongoing research as well as to shed further light on future directions in this space. Authors are invited to submit papers presenting novel technical studies as well as broader position and vision papers comprising hypothetical/speculative scenarios on the following topics related to wireless networking.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Cellular systems, 2G/2.5G/3G/4G/5G and beyond
LTE, WiMAX, WMAN, and other emerging broadband wireless networks
WLAN, WPAN, and other home/personal networking technologies
Pervasive and wearable computing and networking
Underwater wireless networks
Delay tolerant wireless networks
Small cells and femtocell networks
Wireless mesh networks
Vehicular wireless networks
Software-defined wireless networks
Wireless cloud computing
Wireless network virtualization
Inter-networking of wireless heterogeneous and multi-tier networks
Cognitive radio networks, dynamic spectrum access and emerging applications and services
Reconfigurable wireless networks
Novel architectural design and operation models
Wireless multimedia networks
Information-centric wireless networks
Opportunistic wireless networks
Green wireless networks
Social wireless networks
Machine-to-machine communications
Internet of things
End-to-end protocols, flow and congestion control
Power management and energy conservation techniques
User cooperation and incentive schemes
Cross-layer design and optimization
Fault-tolerance and traffic engineering
Testbeds and deployment
Standardization activities of emerging wireless technologies
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