Quantum Information Symposium       The Strength of Innovation in Wireless Communications      
Quantum Information Symposium

Quantum Information is a rapidly developing research field spanning physics, mathematics, informatics, and computer science. As the name implies, the field extends information processing (including computing and cryptography) to physical regimes where quantum effects become significant. The Symposium on quantum information aims to create a bridge between academia and industry in developments of theory, technology and applications related to quantum information processing, communication, and networking. 

Submissions of the original contributions are invited especially (but not limited to) the following areas: 
1. Quantum computation, algorithms and complexity 
2. Quantum information theory 
3. Quantum error-correction and fault-tolerance, thresholds 
4. Quantum cryptography 
5. Quantum communications experiments and theory 
6. Quantum technologies (optics, NMR, and solid-state physics, etc) 
7. Quantum processors and computers design 
8. Quantum signal processing 
9. Quantum networking 
10. Quantum information with orbital angular momentum
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