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Located at the center of Nanjing, the "ancient capital of six dynasties", NANJING HOTEL is the hotel concerning foreign tourists with a history of 70 years. Designed by famous architect Yang Tingbao, it was firstly named as "International Club", and then inscribed as "NANJING HOTEL" by Mr.Guo Moruo. Renewed its name as "JIN JIANG NANJING HOTEL" on Nov. 1, 2006 after the cooperation with Shanghai Jin Jiang Group. It is near downtown area with convenient transportation and elegant environment surrounded by beautiful flowers, green trees and grasses, so as be reputed as "Garden Hotel".The hotel is 3.5 kilometers from the railway station and 45 kilometers from the airport. 
The hotel has 300 guest rooms in many types. It has Chinese and Western food restaurants and more than 20 distinctive banquet halls in big or small size. Its authentic Huaiyang and Chaozhou food cooked by many outstanding chefs have become world famous. The hotel also has many service items like Multi-functional Conference Hall, Cafe, Tourist Shopping Center, Beauty Salon, Sauna, Fitness Center, Sakura Karaoke Hall, Satellite TV and Ticketing, etc.
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