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Novermber 8,2011(Tue.)
08:30-21:00RegistrationLobby,Nanjing Hotel
18:00-21:00Welcome ReceptionNanjng Hotel
Novermber 9,2011(Wed.)
08:30-09:00Opening CeremonyScientific Lecture Hall,2nd floor of Scientific Lecture Auditorium
Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications (NUPT)
09:00-09:50Keynote Speech 1Scientific Lecture Hall

Beamforming Your Data in a Tether Free World
(by Prof. Vijay K Bhargava,The University of British Columbia)

09:50-10:40Keynote Speech 2Scientific Lecture Hall

Chip-Level Space-Time Coding: Its Opportunities and Challenges
(by Prof. Hsiao-Hwa Chen,National Cheng Kung University)


Coffee Break
11:10-12:00Keynote Speech 3Scientific Lecture Hall

Impulse radio UWB with Time Reversal
(by Prof. Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto,University of Rome)

12:00-13:00Lunch BuffetNanjing Hotel
13:30-15:30Oral 1Hall1
Nanjing Hotel
Signal Processing for Communications
Oral 2Hall2
Nanjing Hotel
B3G and 4G Technology (No.1)
Oral 3Hall3
Nanjing Hotel
Invited Session on Interference Management Techniques in Wireless Networks
Oral 4Hall4
Nanjing Hotel
Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Wireless Network (No.1)
Oral 5Hall5
Nanjing Hotel
Cooperative Communications (No.1)
Oral 6Hall6
Nanjing Hotel
Image & Video Signal Processing (No.1)
Oral 7Hall7
Nanjing Hotel
Information Theory and Coding (No.1)
Oral 8Hall8
Nanjing Hotel
MIMO Technology and Space-time Coding (No.1)
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-18:00Oral 9Hall1
Nanjing Hotel
OFDM Technology (No.1)
Oral 10Hall2
Nanjing Hotel
Signal Processing Applications (No.1)
Oral 11Hall3
Nanjing Hotel
Special Session on Cognitive Radio
Oral 12Hall4
Nanjing Hotel
Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (No.1)
Oral 13Hall5
Nanjing Hotel
Invited Session on Smart Grid: From Elementary to Evolutionary Technologies in Networking,Security,Optimization,Applications
Oral 14Hall6
Nanjing Hotel
Channel Measurement,Modeling and Evaluation
Blind Signal Processing
Oral 15Hall7
Nanjing Hotel
Invited Session on Applications of Optimization Theory in Wireless Communications
Oral 16Hall8
Nanjing Hotel
Cooperative Communications (No.2)
18:00-20:00Supper BuffetNanjing Hotel
November 10,2011(Thur)
09:00-09:50Keynote Speech 4Scientific Lecture Hall

Interference in wireless networks: To suppress or to decode?
(by Prof. Xiaodong Wang, Columbia University)

09:50-10:40Keynote Speech 5Scientific Lecture Hall

An Overview of the Network Coding Theory
(by Prof. Zhen Zhang ,University of Southern California)

10:40-11:10Coffee Break
11:10-12:00Keynote Speech 6Scientific Lecture Hall

Applications for Wireless Visual Sensor Networks - the Digital Zoo
(by Prof. Haibo Li,Umeå universitet)

12:00-13:00Lunch BuffetNanjing Hotel
13:30-15:30Oral 17Hall1
Nanjing Hotel
B3G and 4G Technology (No.2)
Oral 18Hall2
Nanjing Hotel
Cooperative Communications (No.3)
Oral 19Hall3
Nanjing Hotel
Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (No.2)
Oral 20Hall4
Nanjing Hotel
Image & Video Signal Processing (No.2)
Oral 21Hall5
Nanjing Hotel
Invited Session on Multimedia Communication Technology
Oral 22Hall6
Nanjing Hotel
Antennas and Propagation
MIMO Technology and Space-time Coding (No.2)
Oral 23Hall7
Nanjing Hotel
Array & Multi-channel Signal Processing
Signal Processing Applications (No.2)
Oral 24Hall8
Nanjing Hotel
Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Wireless Network (No.2)
Information Theory and Coding (No.2)
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-18:00Oral 25Hall1
Nanjing Hotel
Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (No.3)
Wireless Mesh Network
Oral 26Hall2
Nanjing Hotel
Radio Resource Allocation
Digital Circuits & Systems in Wireless Communications
Oral 27Hall3
Nanjing Hotel
Analog Circuits & Systems in Wireless Communications
Wireless Communications System Architectures and Applications
Oral 28Hall4
Nanjing Hotel
Space and Satellite Communications
Wireless Transmission Technologies
Oral 29Hall5
Nanjing Hotel
Adaptive Signal Processing,Biomedical Signal Processing
Image & Video Signal Processing (No.3)
Oral 30Hall6
Nanjing Hotel
Speech and Audio Signal Processing
Oral 31Hall7
Nanjing Hotel
Estimation and Detection
Wireless Network Coding
Oral 32Hall8
Nanjing Hotel
OFDM Technology (No.2)
Ultra-Wideband Communications
Cross-layer Design
18:30-20:30BanquetNanjing Hotel


Shuttle service from Nanjing Hotel to Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications (NUPT) will be provided for free during the conference.

Oral1:Signal Processing for Communications 

13:30-15:30,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • 40Gbps Multi-Connection TCP/IP Offload Engine
    Yong Ji,Qingsheng Hu
  • Implementation of MVDR detector using cascaded modular structure
    Zhongjie Li
  • Performance Analysis of Relay Selection for Two-Way Cooperative Relay Networks
    Ji BaoFeng,Song Kang,Yongming Huang,Yang Luxi
  • Two-way Relay Channel Estimation Based on Compressive Sensing
    Wenwen Yuan,Baoyu Zheng,Wenjing Yue,Lei Wang
  • Quadrature Compressive Sampling for Radar Echo Signals
    Feng Xi,Shengyao Chen,Zhong Liu
  • Estimating the Frequencies of Harmonics in Multiplicative and Additive Noise Based on Subspace Rotational Invariance
    Shiyong Yang,Tao Jiang
  • A Sparse Reconstruction Algorithm with Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis for Wideband Spectrum Detection
    Xiaorong Xu,JianWu Zhang,Baoyu Zheng,Junrong Yan
  • MAP equalization in Indoor Visible Light
    Xiu-Xiu Xie,Jun-Bo Wang,Ling-Ling Cao,Ming Sheng,Min Feng

Oral2: B3G and 4G Technology (No.1)

13:30-15:30,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Weakness in 802.11w and an improved mechanism on protection of management frame
    Wang Weijia,Haihang Wang
  • Inter-piconet Interference Mitigation Schemes for Converged BTLE and Cellular Network
    Ying Hu,Guizhu Wang,Lianhai Shan
  • Performance Analysis of Time Division Broadcast Protocol with Incremental Relaying
    Kun Xu,Yuanyuan Gao,Xiaoxin Yi
  • Downlink Performance Analysis of Distributed Antenna Systems
    Yuxi Liu,Ju Liu,Weidong Guo,He Chen,Dong Zheng,Guowei Zhang
  • Performance Analysis of Selection Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks in Generalized Fading Channels
    Kaihua Wang,Chunxiao Cai,Cai Yueming
  • A Low-Complexity Adaptive Transmission Scheme Based on the Dual-Codebook of 3GPP LTE-Advanced
    Minxia Hu,Shi Jin,Xiqi Gao
  • A Correlated-Equilibrium-based Subcarrier Allocation Scheme for Interference Minimization in Multi-cell OFDMA Systems
    Jianchao Zheng,Cai Yueming,Dan Wu
  • A Novel CQI Calculation Scheme in LTE\LTE-A Systems
    Xi Chen,Haike Yi,HanWen Luo,Hui Yu,Hailong Wang
  • Joint Optimization on Load Balancing and Network Load in 3GPP LTE Multi-cell Networks
    Zhihang Li,Hao Wang,Zhiwen Pan,Nan Liu,Xiaohu You
  • Design of LDPC Code Strategy for Orthogonal Modulation
    Haiyang Hu,Yukui Pei,Ning Ge

Oral3: Invited Session on Interference Management Techniques in Wireless Networks

13:30-15:30,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Designs and Performance Analysis on ML-decoders in a Two User's Interference Channel 
    Haiquan Wang,Zhijin Zhao
  • A Feedback Rate Control Game using Sequential Second Price Auction for Channel State Information and Intercell Interference in Wireless Networks
    Tianyu Wang,Lingyang Song,Zhu Han,Zhongshan Zhang,Bingli Jiao
  • Price of Anarchy of Congestion Games with Player-Specific Constants 
    Lok Man Law,Jianwei Huang,Mingyan Liu
  • Distributed Power Control with Limited Message Passing for Nonconcave Utility Maximization
    Liping Qian,Ying Jun (Angela) Zhang
  • Coordinated Beamforming with Relaxed Zero Forcing 
    Gilwon Lee,Juho Park,Youngchul Sung,Masahiro Yukawa
  • On Design of Asymmetric Interference Alignment and Cancelation Scheme in MIMO X Network
    Lu Yang,Wei Zhang

Oral4: Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Wireless Network (No.1)

13:30-15:30,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Downlink Power Control in Cognitive Femtocell Networks 
    Daolong Sun,Xinning Zhu,Zhimin Zeng,Shaohua Wan
  • Improving Primary Throughput by Cognitive Relay Beamforming with Best-Relay Selection
    Xinrong Guan,Cai Yueming,Weiwei Yang
  • Resource Allocation Technique for Downlink Beamformed Cognitive Radio Network 
    Kishore Babu Chandrababu,Abdel hamid Soliman,Mohammad Patwary
  • An Access Control Algorithm in Cognitive Radio System 
    Zhang Guobin
  • From Reconfigurable SDR to Cognitive Femto-Cell: A Practical Platform 
    Le Zhao,Shiyang Chen,Xiaoying Gan
  • User cooperation communication based on cognitive radio in DAS
    Liping Huang,Dongming Wang,Xiangyang Wang
  • Analysis of Cognitive Radio Spectrum Access for Emergency Communication System
    Peng Han,Hua Tian,Wei Xie
  • Maximum-minimum Eigenvalue Detection-based Method to Mitigate the Effect of the PUEA in Cognitive Radio Networks
    Fayu Liu,Huifang Chen,Lei Xie,Kuang Wang
  • Spectrum Sensing Using Non-asymptotic Behavior of Eigenvalues 
    Lei Wang,Baoyu Zheng,JingWu Cui,Wenjing Yue
  • Reasoning Through Fuzzy Logical for Reconfiguration in Cognitive Radio Network
    Qian He,Zhiyong Feng,Ping Zhang

Oral5: Cooperative Communications (No.1)

13:30-15:30,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Augment Delay Tolerant Networking Routing to extend wireless network coverage
    Mei Haibo
  • Outage Performance Analysis and Optimal Power Allocation of Opportunistic Cooperation Communications without Direct-Link
    Xiaojie Chen,Youyun Xu,Dongmei Zhang
  • Outage Performance Analysis for Cooperative Networks with Randomly Distributed Nodes 
    Haichuan Ding,Shuo Li,Chengwen Xing,Fei Zesong
  • Gaussian Two-hop Relay Channel with Linear Relaying 
    Zhixiang Deng,Bao-Yun Wang,Fei Lang,Yayan Ma
  • Performance Analysis of Two-way Relay Systems Based on Partial Channel State Information 
    Rui Zhao,Canhui Cai,Yongming Huang
  • An Energy-efficient Cooperative MAC Protocol with Piggybacking for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Xurong Pi,Cai Yueming
  • Performance Analysis of Distributed Space-Time Coded Cooperative Multicast 
    Hui Tian,Wei Xie,Youyun Xu,Lianguo Wu,Maoqiang Zuo
  • Cooperative Scheme Using STNC for Uplink SC-FDMA and Downlink OFDMA System
    Xiaochen Xia,Youyun Xu,Kui Xu
  • Energy-Efficient Multi-User relay networks
    Huan Yu,Ruogui Xiao,Yunzhou Li,Jing Wang
  • A Limited Feedback Strategy for Cooperative Multicell MISO Systems
    Fengfeng Shi,Wei Xu,Chunming Zhao

Oral6: Image & Video Signal Processing (No.1)

13:30-15:30,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Processing Piecewise Autoregressive Model Image Interpolation Algorithm on GPU with CUDA
    Kuiying Yin
  • K-cluster Based Reconstruction for Compressive
    Mai Xu,Jianhua Lu
  • Detect and Autofocus the Moving Target by Its Range Walk in Time Domain
    Yake Li
  • Improved SAI Method using Non-local Spatial Constraint for Image Interpolation
    Jueping Bian,Zongliang Gan,Mengcheng Zhang,Xiuchang Zhu
  • An Adaptive Image Denoising Method for Mixture Gaussian Noise
    Yiwen Qiu,Zongliang Gan,Yaqiong Fan,Xiuchang Zhu
  • Structural Similarity Optimal MB Layer Rate Control for H.264
    Ziguan Cui,Zongliang Gan,Xiuchang Zhu
  • A camera self-calibration method based on dual constraints of multi-view images
    Feng Liu,Weiwei Han
  • A Comparison of Image Registration Techniques for Joining Sequential Images
    Prakash Duraisamy

Oral7: Information Theory and Coding (No.1)

13:30-15:30,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • The Investigation of Mapping schemes for LDPC-Coded Modulated Systems
    Ying Wang,Kangming Jiang,Kaisui Zhang,Bojian Wen
  • Achievable Secrecy Rate of The Relay-eavesdropper Channel with Generalized Feedback
    Yayan Ma,Jing Bao,Junxi Zhao,Bao-Yun Wang
  • Diversity and Multiplexing Tradeoff in the Uplink of Cellular Systems with Linear MMSE Receiver
    Xiaoshi Song,Changchuan Yin,Dan Pu Liu
  • Polar codes and Its Application in Speech communication
    Sheng-mei Zhao
  • Construction of Irregular Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes Based on Euclidean Geometries
    Xueqin Jiang,Moon Ho Lee
  • A High-throughput Reconfigurable Viterbi Decoder
    Rongchun Li,Yong Dou,Jie Zhou,Guoqing Lei
  • On the Capacity Region of the Semi-deterministic Z Channel
    Wuling Liu,Nan Liu,Zhiwen Pan
  • Improved Interleaving Scheme for DVB-S2 BICM System
    Kangming Jiang,Ying Wang
  • Unequal Error Protected JPEG 2000 Broadcast Scheme with Progressive Fountain Codes
    Zhao Chen,Mai Xu,Liuguo Yin,Jianhua Lu

Oral8: MIMO Technology and Space-time Coding (No.1)

13:30-15:30,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Investigations on Gains of Transmit and Receiver Diversities for Uplink DFT-Precoded OFDMA
    Lianjun Deng,Teruo Kawamura,Hidekazu Taoka,Mamoru Sawahashi
  • Non-orthogonal Pilot Design and Analysis for CoMP Systems
    Xiujun Zhang,Xiang Chen,Shidong Zhou,Jing Wang
  • The Achievable Secrecy Rate of MISO Wiretap Channels
    Haiyang Zhang,Bao-Yun Wang
  • Adaptive Feedback Scheme on Multicell Multiuser MISO System
    Rui Zhang
  • Design of MAI Constrained Decision Feedback Equalizer for MIMO CDMA System
    Khalid Mahmood,Syed Muhammad Asad,Muhammad Moinuddin,Shashi Paul
  • Proportional Fair Scheduling Schemes for Highly Transmit Correlated Channels
    Qiang Sun,Jue Wang,Yuan Zhang,Shi Jin,Xiqi Gao
  • Phase Noise Mitigation in High Frequency Band SC-MIMO Systems
    Hui Xie,Gui Lin,Jian Xiong
  • Joint Power Control and Beamforming for Peer-to-Peer MIMO Relay Systems
    Muhammad Khandaker,Yue Rong
  • Performance Evaluation of Limited Feedback Transmit Precoding via Phase Rotation in Correlated MIMO Channel
    Sho Furuichi,Kenta Umebayashi,Yasuo Suzuki
  • On Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes for Dual-Polarized MIMO Channels
    Yabo Li,Zhike Huang,Haiquan Wang,Xiang-Gen Xia

Oral9: OFDM Technology (No.1)

16:00-18:00,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Statistical Distributions of OFDM Signals on Multi-Path Fading Channel
    Renhui Xu,Ming Chen,Chang Tian,Xuming Lu,Chunjuan Diao
  • A Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm for OFDM Systems
    Pengcheng Zhu
  • Pilot Tone Selection in OFDM Amplified-and-forward Relay System
    Linfeng An
  • A Two-stage-game-based Power Control Scheme for OFDMA-relay Channels under Physical Layer Security Requirement
    Zhao Hou,Dan Wu,Cai Yueming
  • A Differential Successive Multiuser Ranging Detection for OFDMA Systems
    Chieh Lung Lin
  • Cauchy-Rayleigh Scattering Cluster Based Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Correlation Properties with MIMO-OFDM Channel Model
    Xin Li,Torbjorn Ekman
  • CDM Based Reference Signal Structure Using Oversampling for OFDM Downlink
    Masahiro Tabata,Teruo Kawamura,Hidekazu Taoka,Mamoru Sawahashi
  • Distribution of PAPR in LOFDM Systems Based on Extreme Value Theory
    Kui Xu,Dongmei Zhang,Youyun Xu,Zhenxing Lv,Wenwen Liang
  • Multicast or Broadcast in multiuser OFDM systems
    Jos Saavedra,Pierre Duhamel

Oral10: Signal Processing Applications (No.1)

16:00-18:00,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • A Predictive Deadbeat Control in Shunt Active Power Filter
    Zhihua Bao,Zongchen Wang,Shibing Zhang
  • Modified spread-transform dither modulation
    Yifeng Zhang
  • An Efficient Algorithm for Indoor Location Based on RFID
    Jing Chen,Gengmin Li,Xuejun Zhang,Tuanfa Qin
  • Compressive Parametric GLRT detector for Airborne MIMO Radar
    Siva Karteek Bolisetti,Khawza Ahmed,Mohammad Patwary,Mohamed Abdel-Maguid
  • Two Blind Algorithms of MMSE Filter Based on Second-Order Statistics in MIMO Systems with Multiple Interferences
    Fan He,Rueywen Liu,Xu Wang,Tao Yang,Bo Hu
  • Estimability of Quantized Linear systems
    Ying Shen,Hui Zhang
  • A Smart Tracking-based Jamming Scheme for Signals with Periodic Synchronization Sequences
    Yuan Chen,Fei He,Jian Yan,Xiang Chen,Yuantao Gu
  • High-speed LMS equalizer for Spread Spectrum System Based on FPGA
    Liu Bingchao,Li Fang,Daoben Li
  • An Efficient Algorithm for TDOA/FDOA Estimation Based on Approximate Coherent Accumulative of Short-Time CAF
    Wei Zhang

Oral11: Special Session on Cognitive Radio

16:00-18:00,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Multiuser Power Allocation for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Network 
    Lili Wang,Wenjun Xu,Kai Niu,Zhiqiang He,Jiaru Lin,Baoyu Tian
  • A distributed network selection mechanism for WCDMA/OFDMA heterogeneous networks 
    Ning Li,Wenjun Xu,Jiaru Lin
  • Code Aided CPO Estimation Based on Particle Filtering
    Peng Chen
  • Capacity of Cognitive Radio under Outage Constraint with Partial Channel Knowledge
    Liu Yang,Ding Xu,Zhiyong Feng,Qian Li,Ping Zhang
  • Connectivity Guaranteed Cluster Header Selection Scheme Based on Spectra Analysis of Graph
    Fenglin Xie,Zhiyong Feng,Zhiqing Wei
  • Cognitive Network Channel Allocation Strategy with Queuing Delay and Game Analysis
    Jun Liu,Xiufeng Xie
  • Joint Access and Power Control in Cognitive Femtocell Networks
    Qian Li,Zhiyong Feng,Wei Li,Liu Yang,Ping Zhang
  • Spatial-Temporal Opportunity Detection in Spectrum-Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Networks: Non-Cooperative Case
    Guoru Ding,Qihui Wu
  • Variable Bandwidth Spectrum Access for Secondary User in Cognitive Radio Network
    Yu Fu,Qinyu Zhang,Wang Ye,Xin Guan
  • Graph-based Spectrum Sharing for Multiuser OFDM Cognitive Radio Networks
    Qiu Tao
  • Capacity Analysis for Secondary User in Cognitive Radio Network
    Wang Ye,Qinyu Zhang

Oral12: Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (No.1)

16:00-18:00,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • An Improved AODV Routing Protocol for VANETs
    Ben Ding,Zehua Chen,Yan Wang,Hui Yu
  • An Energy-Efficient Distributed Compressed Sensing Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on a Distributed Wavelet Compression Algorithm
    Haifeng Hu,Zhen Yang
  • Improving Energy-Efficiency in Building Automation with Event-Driven Radio
    Yan Zhang
  • A 0.18m CMOS Up-Conversion Mixer for Wireless Sensor Networks Application
    Chenjian Wu
  • A Weighted Energy Efficient Clustering (WEEC) for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Negin Behboudi,Ehsan Arvacheh,Abdolreza Abhari
  • A Capacity-Aware Cross-Layer QoS Optimization Scheme for Wireless Multimedia Networks
    Hai-tao Zhao,Rui Zhang,Rongfang Song,Zhang Hui,Yu-ning Dong,Feng Tian
  • A Cross-layer Protocol of Wireless Sensor Networks for Tailings Reservoir On-line Monitoring
    Feng Jin,Da Zhang,Ligang Wang
  • A New IVC Based on Ad Hoc and its Design Simulations
    Guo Chen,Huang Xuejun,Hongbo Zhu
  • Designing an Energy Efficient Prediction-based Algorithm for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Fatemeh Deldar,Mohammad Hossien Yaghmaee

Oral13: Invited Session on Smart Grid: From Elementary to Evolutionary Technologies in Networking,Security,Optimization,Applications

16:00-18:00,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • A technical approach to achieve smart grid advantages using energy management systems 
    Yousuke Nozaki,Tetsuya Tominaga,Noboru Iwasaki,Akira Takeuchi
  • A Survey of Game Theoretic Approaches in Smart Grid
    Zubair Fadlullah,Yousuke Nozaki,Nei Kato
  • Energy Efficient Communication Network Design for Demand Response in Smart Grid
    Lei Zheng,Simon Parkinson,Dan Wang,Lin Cai,Curran Crawford
  • A Stochastic Petri Nets Approach to Dependability Analysis of Control Center Networks in Smart Grid
    Rongfei Zeng,Yixin Jiang,Chuang Lin,Sherman Shen

Oral14: Channel Measurement,Modeling and Evaluation,Blind Signal Processing

16:00-18:00,Wednesday,Nov. 9<,/strong>

  • Abnormal ECG signal detection based on Compressed Sampling in Wearable ECG sensor
    Kun Mean Hou
  • Autocorrelation Based Detection of DSSS Signal for Cognitive Radio System
    Zhipeng Deng,Lianfeng Shen,Nan Bao,Bailong Su,Jintao Lin,Dayang Wang
  • Channel Estimation and Adaptive Transmission in Variable Symbol Rate Systems
    Jingning Wang,Dongliang Wang,Hang Zhang
  • Improved Compressed Sensing-based UWB Channel Estimation
    Chunyu Jian,Xinrong Ye,Wei-Ping Zhu
  • Compressed Channel Estimation based on Optimized Measurement Matrix
    Xiaochao Xiao,Baoyu Zheng,Chenhao Wang
  • An Improved Adaptive Channel Estimation Method for Multiuser Multiantenna OFDM Systems
    Yue-Xing Gao,Jie Yang,Qing-Min Meng
  • Overall Outage Probability of Two-Way Amplify-and-Forward Relaying in Nakagami-m Fading Channels
    Xiaoming Xu,Cai Yueming,Chunxiao Cai
  • Compressed MIMO Channel Estimation and Efficient Pilot Pattern over Doppler Sparse Environment
    Dongmei Wang,Xiaoyun Hou
  • Soft Input Channel Estimation for Two-Way Cooperative-OFDM
    Wei Wu
  • A Joint Design of Code and Training Sequence for Frequency-Selective Block Fading Channels with Partial CSI
    Po-Ning Chen,Chia-Lung Wu,Mikael Skoglund

Oral15: Invited Session on Applications of Optimization Theory in Wireless Communications

16:00-18:00,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Bi-directional Communication with Eigenmode Sharing
    Mai Xu,Zhiguo Ding,Baoguo Xu
  • Robust Transceiver Beamforming in MIMO Cognitive Radio via Second-Order Cone Programming
    Huiqin Du,Tharmalingam Ratnarajah
  • Robust Linear Transceiver Design for Multi-Hop Non-Regenerative MIMO Relaying Systems
    Chengwen Xing,Fei Zesong,Shaodan Ma,Jingming Kuang,Yik-Chung Wu
  • Source and Relay Matrices Optimization for Multiuser Multi-Hop MIMO Relay Systems
    Yue Rong
  • A New Approach to Weighted Sum-Rate Maximization for the K-User Gaussian Interference Channel
    Liang Liu,Rui Zhang,Kee Chaing Chua
  • Simplified Alternating Optimization for Robust MMSE MIMO Transceiver
    Jiaheng Wang,Mats Bengtsson
  • Beamformer Designs for Zero-forcing Dirty Paper Coding
    Le-Nam Tran,Markku Juntti,Mats Bengtsson,Björn Ottersten
  • On the Performance of Kronecker MIMO Channel Models: A Semi-definite Relaxation Approach
    Nafiseh Shariati,Mats Bengtsson
  • Yet another entropy power inequality with an application
    Miquel Payar,Maria Gregori,Daniel Palomar

Oral16: Cooperative Communications (No.2)

16:00-18:00,Wednesday,Nov. 9

  • Optimizing bit-interleaved coded modulation for half-duplex relay based on protograph codes
    Sun Xiaojun,Ming Jiang,Wei Xu,Chunming Zhao
  • Low SNR Capacity of Multi-Base Station Cooperative Transmission
    Jun Zhang,Bin Jiang,Shi Jin,Xiqi Gao
  • Cooperative ARQ in Wireless Sensor Networks: Outage Behavior and Throughput Efficiency
    Hualiang Chen,Cai Yueming,Weiwei Yang
  • Probability Constraint Robust Downlink Collaborative Beamforming
    Dong Zheng,Ju Liu,He Chen,Hongji Xu,Lina Zheng
  • Outage Probability of Two-Way Amplify-and-Forward Relaying System with Interference-Limited relay
    Junchao Shen,Nan Sha,Cai Yueming
  • Joint MMSE Precoding Design in Multi-user Two-Way MIMO Relay Systems
    Haike Yi,Jun Zou,HanWen Luo,Hui Yu,Jipeng Ma
  • Performance Analysis of Incremental Relaying Based on Partial Selection in Multi-Source Multi-Relay Networks
    Weidong Guo,Ju Liu,Yuxi Liu,Lina Zheng,Dong Zheng
  • On the Number of Relays for Orthogonalize-and-Forward Relaying
    Yue Yang,Xudong Wang,Xiaodong Cai
  • Physical Layer Network Coding Based on Dual Relay Selection
    Lianju Wu,Xiaoyun Hou
  • A Simple Downlink Diversity Transmit Scheme for Cooperative Base Stations
    Min Lin,Jian Ouyang
  • Security Game between Source and Friendly Relay
    Maorui Zhang,Bao-Yun Wang

Oral17: B3G and 4G Technology (No.2)

13:30-15:30,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • An efficient CFO estimation algorithm for the downlink of 3GPP-LTE
    Feng Wang,Yu Zhu
  • A Novel Channel Estimation Method for TD-HSPA+ System in Rapidly Time-Varying Environments
    Qiang Gu,Xiaodong Xu
  • An Efficient Adaptive Receiver for MIMO-OFDM Systems
    Hong Shen,Hua Zhang,Chunming Zhao
  • Design of Simplified Overlapped Code Division Multiplexing System
    Peng Sun,Daoben Li,Li Fang
  • A Time-Difference-of-Arrival Location Method Based on Residual Sorting and Weighted Matrix amended
    Jian Geng,Linghua Zhang
  • Frequency Synchronization Scheme for LTE Downlink in Cell Handover of HST Environment
    Lihua Yang
  • The Uplink Capacity of SA-MIMO System under Single-User Scenario
    Jian-xin Dai,Ming Chen,Pei-Jung Chung
  • Accurate Channel Estimation and Wavelet-based Interference Estimation Methods and Application in Downlink Beamforming for LTE Systems
    Ruijuan Sun,Ke Deng,Pengcheng Mu,Hui-Ming Wang
  • A novel energy saving strategy for LTE HetNet
    Chengzhe Liu,Zhiwen Pan,Nan Liu,Xiaohu You
  • Investigations on Best Combining Scheme of Diversity Branches in Joint MLD for PUCCH in LTE Uplink
    Hideyuki Numata,Teruo Kawamura,Mamoru Sawahashi

Oral18: Cooperative Communications (No.3)

13:30-15:30,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Hybrid Forward Scheme with Generalized Selective Combining
    Qiang Huo,Tianxi Liu,Lingyang Song,Bingli Jiao
  • Opportunistic Relaying for Two-Way Relay Transmission with Analog Network Coding
    Xiaodong Ji,Baoyu Zheng,Lei Wang,Xing Gao
  • Multi-hop Relay Pairs Transmission Scheme Based on Fountain Code
    Liu Huifeng,Lei Weijia,Xianzhong Xie
  • Feedback-Aided Pilot Placement for Two-Way Cooperative-OFDM
    Wei Wu
  • Cooperative Transmit Diversity Based on Physical Layer Network Coding
    XinYi Zhong,Youyun Xu,Kui Xu
  • Outage-Optimal Relay Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
    Wendong Yang,Cai Yueming
  • Outage Performance for Parallel Relay-Assisted Free-Space Optical Communications in Strong Turbulence With Pointing Errors
    Min Feng,Jun-Bo Wang,Ming Sheng,Ling-Ling Cao,Xiu-Xiu Xie
  • A Method for Cooperative Relay Selection
    Xin Huang,Enchang Sun,Yanhua Zhang
  • Wideband Dynamic Base Station Selection for Downlink Coordinated Multipoint System
    Shulei Gong,Xiaohu You,Pengcheng Zhu
  • An improved distributed iterative beamforming algorithm with cooperative base stations
    Jiamin Li,Dongming Wang,Pengcheng Zhu,Xiaohu You,Lan Tang
  • Projection-based Power Allocation Scheme for Joint Transmission System
    Chunyan Yan,Ke Deng,Hui-Ming Wang
  • Multiple Symbol Differential Detection of MPSK with Cooperative Diversity Reception
    Yajun Zhang,Yuanyuan Gao,Shibin Su, Guozhen Zang

Oral19: Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (No.2)

13:30-15:30,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • A Spanning Routing Tree Protocol Based on State Diffusion for Mobile Sensor Networks
    Wei Xing,Kuntai Li,Yongchao Wang,Wen Zhou
  • A Clustering Routing Algorithm of WSN based on Uneven Nodes Deployment
    Yan Gu
  • A New Energy-Efficient Scheduling Scheme for Multiple Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
    S. M. Kawser Amir,Md. nurul Shaon,Mohammad Matin
  • A New Uni-Scheduling Algorithm in S-MAC based Wireless Sensor Networks
    Dheeman Saha,Mohammad Matin
  • Detecting Selective Forwarding attacks in WSNs using Watermark
    Chao Xu
  • Integration of Wireless Sensor Network into Existing Public Network using DSL and Development of Web Presenter
    Yu Sun,Stevan Berber
  • A multi-path transmission algorithm for Layered scalable coding
    Zhang Dengyin
  • Accurate and Computation-Efficient Localization for Mobile Sensor Networks
    Yunlong Wang,Ze Wang
  • Dynamic Updating Based Key Management Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Y. Rao,Jinhua Wang
  • A Low-Voltage CMOS Programmable Gain Amplifier for WSN Application
    Libin Huang,Zhiqun Li

Oral20: Image & Video Signal Processing (No.2)

13:30-15:30,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Stereoscopic Visualization of Monocular Images in Photo Collections
    Shahrouz Yousefi,Farid Abedan Kondori,Haibo Li
  • Robust Correction of D Geo-Metadata in Photo Collections by Forming a Photo Grid
    Shahrouz Yousefi,Farid Abedan Kondori,Haibo Li
  • A video watermarking algorithm based on three dimensional wavelet transform
    Cao Lin,Jiang Wei
  • Map Updation using Image Registration for Different Sensors by Camera Calibration
    Prakash Duraisamy,Ye Yu
  • 3D Head Pose Estimation using the Kinect
    Farid Abedan Kondori,Shahrouz Yousefi,Haibo Li,Samuel Sonning,Sabina Sonning
  • A Zero-watermarking Image Authentication Scheme Using Zernike Moment and Extreme Learning Machine
    Guangyong Gao,Guoping Jiang
  • Improved belief propagation based on RGB vector measure for stereo matching
    Yingnan Geng,Yan Zhao,Hexin Chen
  • Vehicle Color Recognition Using Monocular Camera
    Mengjie Yang,Guang Han,Xiaofei Li,Xiuchang Zhu,Liang Li
  • Improvement of Ghost Imaging on Orbital Angular Momentum by Using JPEG & Linear Block Codes
    XiaoLiang Dong,Sheng-mei Zhao,Baoyu Zheng

Oral21: Invited Session on Multimedia Communication Technology

13:30-15:30,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • On File Delay Minimization for Content Uploading to Media Cloud via Collaborative Wireless Network
    Ge Zhang,Yonggang Wen,Jiang Zhu,Qinghua Chen
  • A Mobile Health Monitoring Solution for Weight Control
    Ivo Lopes,Bruno Silva,Joel Rodrigues,Jaime Lloret,Mario Proença Jr.
  • Adaptive Reconstruction of Human Motion on Wireless Body Sensor Networks
    Shih-Yeh Chen,Wei-Tsong Lee,Han-Chieh Chao,Yueh-Min Huang,Chin-Feng Lai
  • Real Time Services for Future Cloud Computing Enabled Vehicle Networks
    Jin Wang
  • Real-time Video Surveillance for Large Scenes
    Hanyu Liu,Chong Tang,Shaoen Wu,Honggang Wang
  • A Game based Routing algorithm for Congestion Control of Multimedia transmission in VANETs
    Di Wu,Dongxia Zhang,Limin Sun,Jiangchuan Liu,Juanjuan Li

Oral22: Antennas and Propagation,MIMO Technology and Space-time Coding (No.2)

13:30-15:30,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • A New Robust Beamforming Method Against Signal Steering Vector Errors And Moving Jammers
    Wei Guo,Pengcheng Mu,Qinye Yin,Wenjie Wang
  • Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain Analysis of Wave Propagation in 2-D Frequency-Dependent Periodic Structures
    Amin Gul Hanif,Toru Uno,Takuji Arima
  • RF Link Budget Analysis in Urban Propagation Microcell Environment for Mobile Radio Communication Systems Link Planning
    Ardavan Rahimian,Farhad Mehran
  • An Asymmetric Scan Time Synchronization Algorithm for TDMA Directional Antennas Networks
    Qiang Zuo,Youyun Xu,Ma Wenfeng,Mo Li
  • A Joint Design of Transmit Antenna Selection and Multiuser Scheduling for Multiuser MIMO systems Employing Block Diagonalization Precoding Scheme
    Feng Wang
  • A Multi-user MIMO Resource Scheduling Scheme for Carrier Aggregation Scenario
    Lei Na,Guo Caili,Feng Chunyan,Chen Yu
  • Layer reduced K-best sphere decoding
    Xinyu Mao,Shubo Ren,Haige Xiang
  • A Unified Mathematical Model for Spatial Scrambling Based Secure Wireless Transmission and Its Wiretap Method
    Feilong Wu,Wenjie Wang,Hui-Ming Wang,Qinye Yin
  • Chernoff Upper Bound of PEP for Distributed Space-Time Coding Relay Systems in Nakagami-m Fading Channels
    Nan Wang,Ming Chen,Wence Zhang,Xiaoli Chu

Oral23: Array & Multi-channel Signal Processing,Signal Processing Applications (No.2)

13:30-15:30,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Source Localization with Acoustic Intensity Flux Matched-Field Processing
    Wangsheng Lin,Guolong Liang,Yan Wang,Jianfei Ji
  • Time Synchronization Error and PRF in Pulse Jamming Against ISAR
    Shi rui Peng,Xin LI
  • Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Based on Modified Bayesian Compressive Sensing Method
    Lei Sun
  • Moving Target Detection Based on Long Coherent Processing Interval for Vehicle-borne Low Frequency SAR System
    Zhimin Zhou,Hong Zhou,Xiaotao Huang,Pengzheng Lei,Chang Yulin,Tong Jin
  • Rician K-factor analysis of In-Cabin Distributed MIMO System Measurements
    Yuejian Zhou
  • Source Analysis and Separation Using Spatial Filtering and Time Frequency Distribution in Array Signal Processing Under Complicated Environment
    Wen-yan Liu,Xiaotao Huang,Tong Jin
  • Practical Beam Broadening for Space-borne SAR Using Phase-Only Pattern Synthesis
    Xiangneng Zeng
  • Relative navigation using pulsar signals
    Zhang Hua,Xu Luping,Li Woheng
  • Flaw Classification in Ultrasonic Guided Waves Signal Using Wavelet Transform and PNN Classifier
    Xiaohui Zhang,Guangmin Sun,Haomiao Liu,Qite Wang

Oral24: Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Wireless Network (No.2),Information Theory and Coding (No.2)

13:30-15:30,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Channel Assignment and Routing with Overhead Reduction for Cognitive Radio-Based Wireless Mesh Networks
    Dong Heon Lee,Wha Sook Jeon
  • Enhanced Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for Multi-Cell Heterogeneous Networks
    Meng Li,Junlong Li,Wei Gao,Na Li,Fei Zesong
  • On the Periodic Scheduling of Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio
    Renhui Xu,Ming Chen,Chang Tian,Xuming Lu,Chunjuan Diao
  • A Node Grouping Algorithm for Joint Relay Selection and Resource Allocation in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks
    Chuan Ma,Guanding Yu,Jietao Zhang
  • A QoS constrained cognitive routing algorithm for ad hoc networks based on directional antenna
    Feng Ping,Yongfei Ding,Bo Liu,Jianmin Wu,Gui Lin,Haibo Zhou
  • A self-awareness routing scheme with power control for underlay spectrum sharing networks 
    Yongfei Ding,Jianmin Wu,Haibo Zhou,Ping Feng,Bo Liu,Lin Gui
  • Dynamic Channel Allocation Algorithm Based on Parameter Estimation in Cognitive Radio
    Yin Long,Jiang Zhu,Fangwei Li
  • Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sharing using Improved Quantum Genetic Algorithm
    Fei Li,Dongpo Zhu,Feng Tian,Haibo Li
  • An Improved Interference Mitigation Scheme Based on Interference Subspace Alignment
    He Shiwen, Yongming Huang, Yang Luxi
  • An Optimized Selection Algorithm via Adaptive Correlation Threshold on Integrated Chaotic Spread-spectrum Sequences
    Li Sijia, Mao Yu-quan, Li Bo, Peng Wei-Dong, Pei Xin

Oral25: Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (No.3),Wireless Mesh Network

16:00-18:00,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • A 1 V Folded Common-Gate CMOS Low Noise Amplifier for Wireless Sensor Network Applications
    Feng Zou,Zhiqun Li,Meng Zhang
  • An Improved Distributed Bayesian Algorithm for Fault-Tolerant Detection in Electromagnetic Spectrum Monitoring Sensor Networks
    Yu Zhang,Hangsheng Zhao,Qiongli Liu
  • A 1V Active-RC Complex Filter for Wireless Sensor Networks Application
    Zeng Yi,Zhiqun Li
  • Adaptive Mobility-Assisted Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Liang He,Jun Tao,Jianping Pan,Jingdong Xu
  • Understanding the Indoor Interference between IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11b/g via Measurements
    Yanchao Mao,Zenghua Zhao,Xin Jia
  • Hierachical Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Management System
    Junjiao Ye,Zenghua Zhao,Hao Li,Hao Chen
  • Fault Tolerant Routing in Three-dimensional Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
    Ming Xu,Guangzhong Liu
  • Utilizing Weighted Rating of Multiple Attributes Scheme to Enhance Handoff Efficiency in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
    Shin-Jer Yang,Wen-Chieh Tseng

Oral26: Radio Resource Allocation,Digital Circuits & Systems in Wireless Communications

16:00-18:00,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Optimized Adaptive Multi Lane Technique For LTE Radio Access VoIP
    Onsy Abdel Alim,Shawki Shaaban,Mohamed Hamdy
  • Zone Based Downlink Frequency Planning Scheme in Relay Enhanced Cellular Systems
    Xing Yang,Tiankui Zhang,Feng Chunyan,Zhongfeng Li
  • Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Multi-user OFDMA systems
    Hu Ying,Yongming Huang,Yang Luxi
  • Resources Allocation in Mobile Communications on Aircraft
    Chao Zhang,Keke Pang
  • A Decentralized Downlink Dynamic ICIC Method for Multi-cell OFDMA System
    Shujun Wang,Yuan Zhang,Guangguo Bi
  • A Novel Resource Allocation Algorithm in Uplink Multi-cell OFDMA Networks Based on Game Theory
    An Wang,Cai Yueming,Zhao Hou
  • An Energy Optimization Scheme Based on Rate Guarantee in Emergency Mesh Network
    Liang Changqing,Zhao Su
  • A Cross-band Cooperation Architecture for Spectrum Efficiency Improvement
    Yi Li,Yifei Zhao,Shidong Zhou,Yuan Gao,Xiang Chen,Chunhui Zhou
  • Transient-Based Identification of 802.11b Wireless Device
    Zhiyuan Shi,Man Liu,Lianfen Huang
  • Design of Indoor Optical Wireless Collaborative Cellular System
    Chengcheng Pei,Zaichen Zhang

Oral27: Analog Circuits & Systems in Wireless Communications,Wireless Communications System Architectures and Applications

16:00-18:00,Thursday,Nov. 10
  • Design of 12bit 100MHz Sample and Hold Circuit for Pipeline ADC
    Hao Zheng,Xiangning Fan,Yutao Sun
  • A 2.4 GHz Low Power Folded Down-conversion Quadrature Mixer in 0.18-m CMOS
    Dongjun Shen,Zhiqun Li
  • Joint Design of Physical Layer Network Coding and Channel Decoding Based on Trellis Coded Modulation in two-way relay channel
    Zhicheng Chen,Baoyu Zheng,Xiaodong Ji,Wei Liang zhang
  • Differential Six-port Modulator
    Owais Owais,Joakim Östh,Shaofang Gong
  • The Principle and Simulation of Magnetic Coupling for Rectangular Coil in Mobile Payment System
    Yejun He
  • Research on Decreasing Resource Consumption in Wireless O2O Services Operation
    Xiaocong Qian
  • A Survey of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Jiafu Wan

Oral28: Space and Satellite Communications,Wireless Transmission Technologies

16:00-18:00,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Diversity Transmission and Channel Modeling of Mobile Communications on Aircraft
    Chao Zhang,Yu,Keke Pang
  • Analysis of Other Spot-beam Interference in TD-SCDMA Compatible Satellite System
    Jian Guo,Shubo Ren,Ying Si,Jianjun Wu
  • Analysis of Channel Correlation Characteristics in GEO Mobile Satellite Communications
    Xiaoyan Xu,Shubo Ren,Jianjun Wu,Haige Xiang
  • Terrestrial Mobile Networks for Air-to-Ground Communications of the General Aviation
    Chao Zhang
  • Performance Analysis of Adaptive Modulation System over Mobile Satellite Channels
    Junhui Zhao,Shengchun Guan,Yi Gong
  • Analysis of Cell Spectral Efficiency of Infrastructure Relay-Enhanced Cellular System
    Lei Zhang,Hong-Chuan Yang,Mazen Hasna
  • Throughput Comparisons on Star 32/64 QAM Schemes Based on Mutual Information Considering Cubic Metric
    Reo Kobayashi,Teruo Kawamura,Nobuhiko Miki,Mamoru Sawahashi
  • Broadcasting Efficient Opportunistic Network Coding for Multisource-Multidestination Scenarios
    Zhenxing Lv,Youyun Xu,Kui Xu,Lianguo Wu
  • Effect of PAPR Reduction Based on Phase Control in MIMO Adaptive Modulated Vector Coding Systems
    Osamu Muta

Oral29: Adaptive Signal Processing,Biomedical Signal Processing,Image & Video Signal Processing (No.3)

16:00-18:00,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Adaptive Analog-to-Information Converter with Limited Random Sequence Modulation
    Chao Zhang,Wu Zhipeng,Jialuo Xiao
  • DOA Estimation With Low Complexity Based on Adaptive Algorithm in Direct Data Domain
    Xiaodong Yuan,Jianwei Wan,Ke Xu,Zhu Cheng
  • A Novel Adaptive Multi-beam GNSS Anti-interference Processing System
    Xiaodong Yuan,Jianwei Wan,Zhu Cheng,Binbin Shi,Hao Fu
  • Robust Super-Resolution Reconstruction based on Adaptive Regularization
    Fang Suo
  • Algorithm of multi-signals separation for shortwave broadband receiver
    Dong Yankun
  • Indoor Localization Using Inertial Sensors and Ultrasonic Rangefinder
    Rui Zhang,Fabian Hoeflinger,Omar Gorgis,Leonhard Reindl
  • Creating Visual Vocabulary Based on SIFT Descriptor In Compressed Domain
    Lei Sui, Jing Zhang, Li Zhuo, Yuncong Yang
  • Error Resilient Arithmetic Coding for Wireless Robust Image Transmission
    Yipeng Sun
  • A new method for detecting fatigue driving with camera based on OpenCV
    Xing Li,Guang Han,Guangteng Ma,Yanshan Chen

Oral30: Speech and Audio Signal Processing

16:00-18:00,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Chinese Dialect Identification Based on Gender Classification
    Xia Wang
  • Researches on Echo Kernels of Audio Digital Watermarking Technology Based on Echo Hiding
    Xulai Cao,Linghua Zhang
  • An Audio Watermarking of Wavelet Domain Based on BP Neural Network
    Liang Chen,Huan Hao,Guohong Zheng
  • A Chinese Speech Compensation Method for the Leakage Based on Generalized Sidelobe Canceller in Hearing aids
    Hui Wang,Linghua Zhang
  • A Digital Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based On Block Encoding
    Linghua Zhang,Zhiyuan Huang,Xulai Cao
  • Single-channel Speech Separation Based on NLMSE Quasi-KLT bases
    Haiyan Guo,Zhen Yang,Weiping Zhu
  • Optimization of Temporal Decomposition Model with Level Promotion
    Tang Yibin,Shan Minglei,Han Qingbang
  • A MDCT-based Click Noise Reduction Method for MPEG-4 AAC Codec
    Hao Chen,Changchun Bao,Feng Deng,Da-wei Zhang,Mao-shen Jia
  • A Novel Hiss Noise Reduction Method for Audio Signals Based on MDCT
    Feng Deng,Changchun Bao,Bing-yin Xia,Yan Liang
  • Voice Conversion Based on Style and Content Separation with Dual Latent Variable Model
    Xinjian Sun
  • An Improved Spectral Subtraction Speech Enhancement Algorithm under Non-stationary Noise
    Sui Lu-ying,Zhang Xiong-wei,Huang Jian-jun

Oral31: Estimation and Detection,Wireless Network Coding

16:00-18:00,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • A Soft IP Core for a Reflective Optical Sensor in a Robot System on Chip
    Liberty Mutauranwa,Michael Collier
  • A Robust Multi-user Detection Algorithm
    Yongjian Zhang,Dongyu Wang,Yanmei Kang
  • Impact of Channel Estimation Errors in Amplify-and-forward Two-way Relaying System
    Zhuo Chen,Cai Yueming,Wang Lei,Nan Sha
  • Target Tracking with Size Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Jie Wang,Peng Cheng,Jiming Chen,Youxian Sun,Sherman Shen
  • Hybrid Reference Signal Multiplexing Using Combination of Block Spread and Cyclic Shift CDMA for Uplink Control Signals in DFT-Precoded OFDMA
    Yuichiro Hikosaka,Teruo Kawamura,Nobuhiko Miki,Mamoru Sawahashi
  • Outage probability for the random network coded cooperative wireless networks
    Mei Zhonghui,Zhen Yang
  • Amplify-and-Forward Strategy with Limited Feedback in Two-Way Relay Channels
    Selami Sahin,Umit Aygolu
  • Joint Design of LDPC and Physical-Layer Network Coding for Bi-directional Relay System in the Presence of Insufficient Timing Synchronization
    Wenwen Liang,Kui Xu,Hua Tian,Youyun Xu
  • Joint LDPC and Physical Network Coding with Power Allocation for Two Way Wireless Relaying
    Kui Xu,Youyun Xu,Wenwen Liang,Dongmei Zhang,Zhenxing Lv
  • On the BCJR Algorithm for Asynchronous Physical-layer Network Coding
    Xiaofu Wu,Chunming Zhao,Xiaohu You

Oral32: OFDM Technology (No.2),Ultra-Wideband Communications,Cross-layer Design

16:00-18:00,Thursday,Nov. 10

  • Improved Joint Compensation Scheme of Transmitter and Receiver IQ Imbalances in OFDM Systems
    Yan Liang,Feng Shu,Xiajie Shi,Haiqiang Fan,Stevan Berber,Jinhui Lu
  • Multi-user OFDM Subcarrier Allocation for Cognition Radio
    Bo Zhang
  • A Constellation Extension Based SLM Scheme for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals
    Jingru Zhou,Xiaodong Xu,Xuchu Dai
  • A Novel Transmit Beamforming Scheme for BER Improvement in EIRP Constrained UWB Systems
    Shou Han
  • Design and implementation of a UWB-Baseband IEEE 802.15.4a for non-coherent energy detection receiver
    Dan Kreiser,Olonbayar Sonom
  • Synchronization acquisition threshold based on peak-to-average ratio of correlation energy for UWB communications
    Chen Li,Yukui Pei,Ning Ge
  • Dual Layered Security Protocol (DLSP)
    Nabajyoti Patowary,Hemanga Borah
  • A Dual Input-channel Software Defined Radio Platform for GSM WCDMA Wi-Fi
    Yang Zhong,Fredrik Tufvesson
  • Physical Layer Abstraction Algorithm Based on RBIR for CDMA EVDO and WLAN
    Chao Meng,Hanqing Wang,Wei Heng,Jinbao Zhang
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