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Author Presentation Instructions

Dear WCSP 2021 authors,


Thank you again for your contributions to WCSP2021. The conference will be held on Oct. 20-22, 2021 and is rapidly approaching. Due to COVID-19, the conference will be held fully ONLINE. Please follow the following instructions to prepare your presentations and present your papers:

1.  All accepted papers will be presented orally online. For each paper, a prerecorded presentation video must be prepared and submitted before the conference. The website for uploading the video is Meanwhile, the video length should be 10-15 minutes and the size should not exceed 200MB. The deadline for uploading videos is October 15.

2.  For each paper, the presenter has 15 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A. A session assistant will play your prerecorded video for your presentation, but at least one author of the paper MUST show during the session and answer the questions (if any) after the end of the video presentation. If you upload the video, you also need to attend the online meeting and answer questions. We have a no-show policy, which is related to the publication of the article. Please be sure to attend.

3.  The conference will use Zoom as the online meeting system. Authors are supposed to install the Zoom system before the conference. The instruction for installing and using Zoom is coming soon, coupled with the Technical Program of WCSP 2021. In which you can find your presentation schedule, including date and time. You can also find the online meeting access information for the conference and your sessions.

Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any question regarding your presentation or the Zoom system, please contact the conference manager, Mr. Wang, at by email or contact the conference TPC at +86 18951893382.

Sincerely, WCSP 2021 Technical Program Committee

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