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Being an important historical and tourist city, Suzhou is easily accessible by air, rail and road. Its location along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal means that the city also enjoys good waterway transportation.

1. Air 

Tourists who want to come to Suzhou often fly to Shanghai and then take a bus or fast train onwards to Suzhou. There are shuttle bus services from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport to Suzhou, with duration approximately 2 hours from Pudong Airport and 1 hour from Hongqiao Airport, respectively. In addition, there are plenty of fast trains running from Shanghai to Suzhou. Trains depart from Shanghai's main station every half an hour and the journey time varies between 30-50 minutes. 

2. Train 

Suzhou is a major stop along the Beijing-Shanghai railway line and there are over 100 daily train services which stop at Suzhou Railway Station. There are daily services to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and many more main tourist areas in China to and from Suzhou. The Suzhou Railway Station is located on the north side of the city.

3. Public Bus

Being a developed city, Suzhou has good public transportation. Public buses routes run into all parts of the city. Fares are flat rated, usually 1 RMB for a non-air-conditioned bus and 2 RMB for an air-conditioned one. There is no fare collector on the bus, so please ensure that you have small denominations of change ready for the driver when boarding.

4. Taxi 

Taxis are convenient and are generally a hassle-free alternative to public transportation. There are lots of taxis looping the city so there is usually no problem to flag one down to stop for you. Fees are charged according to meter. The starting price is 10 RMB for 3 km, and over 3 km, 2 RMB/per km for a Santana cab.

5. Pedicab

These man-powered vehicles are a good and cheap way to get around.  The starting price is 5 Yuan, rising to between 5 to 30 Yuan for a longer trip. You can usually negotiate the price when taking a pedicab.

6. Bike 

The easiest way to tour around Suzhou is by bike. Pedaling from garden to garden is painless, even pleasant. This is a very popular mode of transport for the many tourists who want to explore the gardens in the city.

7. Boat

Boats running along the Great Canal can take visitors up to Yangzhou in the north or down to Hangzhou in the south. Boat travel from Suzhou to Hangzhou has become increasingly popular due to the amazing country scenery witnessed during the journey.

8. Coach

There are 4 long distance bus stations having services to the nearby cities and beyond. There are plenty of buses heading to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Zhouzhuang, Tongli, to and from Suzhou.
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