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Lajos Hanzo

Speaker: Lajos Hanzo, University of Southampton

Space, Air, Ground Integrated Networks (SAGINs) rely on terrestrial, UAV-aided, airplane-assisted as well as satellite-based global coverage-solutions, which pave the way for seamless next-generation service provision across the globe. However, these terrestrial, UAV-aided, airplane-assisted as well as satellite links exhibit drastically different propagation properties, which naturally lend themselves to Pareto-optimal network-slicing. 

The 5G systems have been designed for fully-fledged eMBB, mD2D and URLLC services, while their 6G counterparts will further improve these tight specifications. However, their small-cell-based coverage area will remain limited to urban scenarios of high tele-traffic density for years to come. Hence the emerging mobile satellite networks and aeronautical ad-hoc networks (AANETs) will have to be harnessed for covering all remote low-traffic areas. But their overall performance will inevitably remain more limited.

To harmonize the above-mentioned conflicting requirements, we conclude with the joint Pareto-optimization of the associated conflicting performance metrics of throughput, transmit power, latency, error probability, hand-over probability and link-lifetime. Explicitly, sophisticated multi-component system optimization is required for finding the Pareto-front of all optimal solutions, where none of the above-mentioned metrics can be improved without degrading at least one of the others...

Lajos Hanzo is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng), FIEEE, FIET and a EURASIP Fellow, Foreign Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science. He holds honorary Doctorates from the University of Edinburgh and the Technical University of Budapest. He co-authored 19 IEEE Press - JohnWiley books and 2000+ research contributions at IEEE Xplore. For further information on his research in progress and associated publications please refer to IEEE Xplore.

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