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Mr. Ganghua Yang
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Title: Challenge of Signal Processing in 5G wireless

Abstract: In this talk I would like to give huawei¡¯s 5G vision first, and then requirements for signal processing, also some progress of Huawei¡¯s advanced wireless communication system field test.


    Mr. Yang received the B.S degree from the Department of Information Science and Electronic Engineering of Zhejiang University, China in 1991. He received the M.S. degree from China Academy of Tel-communications Technology (CATT) in 1994. He was a researcher focus on physical layer of TDMA mobile communication system in First Research Institute of CATT from 1994 to 1995. At 1996-2002, he leaded the research and development of the first commercial GSM system in China at Huawei Technologies Ltd. Co, and then was awarded the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award of the year 2000. He was the chief scientist of Radio Access Network of Wireless Network Product line in Huawei Technologies from 2003 through 2008, focus on key features and platform of 3G. He was one of the founders and inventors of CPRI.  He was the senior technology Strategy expert at direction of wireless communication at 2008-2012 in the department of Corporate Technology Planning in Huawei. Now, He is the vice director of Communication Technology lab of Huawei Central Research Institute.

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