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Professor Jiangxing Wu
 China National Digital Switching System Engineering and Technological R&D Center

Title: Mimic Computation and Mimic Security


In fact, there exist a variety of value-equivalent models for computable architecture and computable models based on Turing and Von Neumann’s system. This means that any computable task has a number of function-equivalent computing architecture. But restricted by such conditions as cost and complexity, solution and computation rates for various architectures are different. When resources remain unchanged, computing architecture determines the solution and computing efficiency. The conventional general or dedicated architectures are static and can not be changed. There exist efficiency and performance gap between them. Before the emergence of the Moore’s law, on-site programming and reconfigurable technologies, this was a gap which can not be bridged.

The mimic computing tries to introduce a meta structure based on cognitive multi-dimensional dynamic reconfiguration to generate function-equivalent but efficiency-different computing architecture in a real-time manner. This enables a computing task to have different computing architectures provide the needed services faced with different factors in different periods, time, resources and conditions and QoS, thus improving the low efficiency problem caused by the rigid computing architecture.

The mimic computing which is characterized by dynamic generation, function-equivalent and various structures has made the outer features of the computing environment become non-static, non-determined, and irregular. This causes great obstacles to the outside attacks which aim at static and fixed targets and similar loopholes. The introduction of mimic computing to the cognition-based passive defense system will fundamentally improve the problem of defense incapability against potential dangers (loopholes or traps).


Mr. Wu Jiangxing is an academician of China’s Academy of Engineering and the director of China National Digital Switching System Engineering and Technological R&D Center. He is a famous scientist in the communication and information system as well as in the computer and network technologies. He created the mimic computing and mimic security theory. He successfully developed the first mimic computer in the world. In the Ninth-five Year and Tenth-five Year periods, he served as Vice Chairman in the Communication Theme Experts Group for China’s National Hi-tech 863 Research Program. During the Eleventh-five Year period, he served as Vice Chairman in the  expert group in the information field, the Chairman of the Verification Committee of the National Major Mobile Communication Projects, Chairman and Chief Engineer of China's NGB as well as Vice Chairman of the National Tri-network Convergence Experts Group. From 1977 to 2009, he served as China’s ABAC member. From 2013, he has been serving as Vice Chairman of China’s ABAC Business Council. He has won the National First S&T Progress Award for three times and the National Second S&T Progress Award for three times.

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