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Keynote Speakers


Principal Engineer  Yi Wang

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Title: 5G Wireless Enable Technologies


5G wireless networks will support a1,000-fold gain in capacity, with connections for at least 100 billion devices, and a 10 Gb/s individual user experience capable of extremely low latency and response times. 5G will extend its service from enhanced mobile broadband to vertical markets such as connected cars, health care, industry automation and smart metering. This grand vision leads to a very diverged set of requirements and challenges. There are many questions arising: what are the key service and requirements for 5G? Is a single system/network sufficient to meet such demands? Is there a need to design a new radio access technology? What are key enabling technologies?
This talk will first elaborate the implications of 5G vision and requirements on air interface and network architecture design principles. Then we will highlight several key technologies which will enable an adaptive and unified air interface design. With such a framework, it is feasible to optimize the system design based on service, device capability, mobility, deployment scenarios and spectrum usage and provide a mechanism for future service expansion. Finally, recent progresses of Huawei's 5G research will be presented.


Dr. Yi Wang [SM’11] received the M.S.E.E and Ph.D degrees in information engineering department from Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, China, in 1997 and 2000 respectively. He has worked at Tsinghua University and the University of Kiel in Germany as post-doctor. Since 2005 he joined Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. he led a series of research projects including beyond 3G, superposition coding for LTE-advanced system, distributed antenna system, cloud RAN, and massive MIMO. Currently he is the principal engineer at Huawei and is leading 5G high frequency research.  Till now Dr. Wang owns over 60+ international publications and 50+ inventation patents, some of patents have well used in LTE products and related standards.  
Dr. Wang is also active in International conferences. He is the chair of High Frequency Group in IMT2020 Technology from this year, and was WWRF-WG4 vice chair during 2008-2009.  Thanks to his support, Huawei successfully sponsored a list of IEEE conferences including WCSP, Globecom, PIMRC, ICC, WCNC, VTC etc since 2010.


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